My history

Nadia Isabel is a beauty specialist born in Venezuela

She began her career by first venturing into the world of makeup in 2013. 4 years later she began her career in the world of eyebrows. After this, in 2017 she moved to the United States and worked for a beauty salon where she acquired hair skills and perfected all of her makeup and eyebrow techniques. In 2019 she Nadia she decided to become independent thus creating what is now Nadia Isabel Studio, where she specializes in all eyebrow, eyelash, makeup and course services. Nadia has taken her preparation very seriously and in 2020 she started in the world of eyebrow micropigmentation. Throughout this time she has attended top industry seminars with the best educators in the field. One of her goals in her professional career has been the creation of her cosmetic products, which she achieved by launching the Brow Bomb. Nadia continues to expand in services and work equipment, focusing mainly on that all of her clients receive the best experience at the time of being served.



My teamwork

At Nadia Isabel Studio, we have a team of professionals trained to provide you with personalized, unique and unforgettable attention, we have also prepared a beautiful space for you. It will be a privilege to be part of your most important moments!

Katherine Silva

Assistant, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist

Rosangélica López

Makeup Artist

Asiloe Ortega

Makeup Artist, Eyebrow and Braid Specialist

Ines Mora

Facial and Body Specialists

Mariangelica Romero

Eyebrow Specialist
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